Thursday, September 30, 2010

Girls Day Out...and Fluffies

Rosie and I did a bit of shopping today and although it isn't her favourite thing to do, she was a star.
She was so patient while I looked at fascinating things such as dishracks and ramekins (poor child) that I decided to treat her to a fluffy. This is usually a tradition that she enjoys with Nana when she goes to Hamilton but today she deserved a little treat.
I never thought a 50 cent mini cup of milk froth could bring so much joy! She was so happy to be spending some time alone with mum, regardless of the fact that the activity was less than thrilling.
On our way out she said, "Mum, it's so much fun spending time with just us girls hey"? Harry, being a lot younger (and male after all!) dominates my time a lot more than Rosie, who is quite independent but today has reminded me how important it is to spend time with my 'big girl'. :-)

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