Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend in Pictures: Part Two

When I asked Rosie and Harry what their favourite part of our weekend was, they both quickly replied with the same answer...throwing snowballs at Daddy. This has been a standing joke in our family for quite some time and they have been planning and looking forward to this snowball "attack" for weeks.
I helped them to create some suitable snowballs and we had a great time throwing them at each other!
Taff put on a great show of being "surprised" by this snowball fight, despite the kids openly talking about playing a "trick" on Daddy with the snow, all the way down in the car. :-)
Rosie was keen to make a snow angel, something she had seen in a book...
...just look how much she is enjoying it! One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your child experience something brand new. It makes you see things and appreciate them through their eyes.
My favourite part of the weekend was to follow. The weather on the mountain turned from dry and overcast, to snowing. I have never ever seen snow falling and it was beautiful. We all caught snowflakes in our hands and marvelled at them.
As the snowfall became heavier, we decided to head back down to our car and it was lucky we did. When we were on the bus on the way down, we heard them saying that they were getting ready to put out a call on the mountain for all 2WD cars to come down immediately.
When we got back to the car, it had a lovely dusting of powdery snow. We had a brilliant day at the mountain and the kids are already asking when we will be able to visit again! Part Three, the final instalment of our weekend will be posted tomorrow. :-)

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