Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baking Fun

The weekends are a great time to bake and Rosie and Harry love to don their aprons and help out. We begin by looking and seeing what ingredients we have and then choosing a suitable recipe.
 This weekend we decided to make two different treats and they were each responsible for one of the recipes. They really enjoyed this and it gave each of them a chance to be the "boss" in all the tasks.
Rosie made Queen Cakes (I am sure the raisins make them healthy!) and Harry made Nigella's Chocolate Cornflake Cakes (which don't require baking).
The Queen Cakes were a hit with Taff and Rosie and Harry loved the cornflake treats. Baking usually lasts quite a while in our house but I don't think it will this week.
There is nothing like enjoying a sweet treat out in the sun, especially after you have licked the bowl and wooden spoon clean! :-)

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