Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rosie and Harry's Craft/Activity Zones

In addition to my Errands Zone, I have also created some CRAFT and ACTIVITY ZONES for Rosie and Harry. Both of them really enjoy drawing, colouring, cutting out and making things and our previous system was really inefficient.
I had a large cardboard file box with a flip up lid and the contents would often fall out onto the floor. It was also full to the brim and fast becoming tatty. I needed something more user friendly for them and also something durable enough for them to handle on a regular basis.
I purchased a metal tub for each of them and transferred all their goodies into each one. They used to share the old box and there was the odd "scuffle" over which stickers belonged to which child, etc.
I am all for reducing stress and potential fights so making them responsible for their own tub is a great way to teach them some independence. Rosie has some mini folders with her Maths and Reading activities, as well as her pencil caddy, colouring activity books and her word flashcards.
Harry is only three so his tub is a little more basic. He has some colouring activity books, crayons, stickers, chalk and his shape and colour flashcards.
Both of them are very happy with their new zones and so am I! Tomorrow I will share how these fit and function in our kitchen. :-)

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