Monday, September 27, 2010

Laundry Basics

We all know the basics of laundry, separate your lights and darks, be careful with water temperatures, etc but I have made my fair share of laundry blunders over the years.
Taff's shirts have been the main casualty of my errors. I have turned several of his white shirts into an unattractive shade of pink, thanks to a hidden bathmat or facecloth at the bottom of the washing machine. Ironically, he actually likes pink shirts and owns a couple of them, but the special shade of pink that I "create" has never been to his liking. :-)
Granted, my mistakes occur less often now since I mainly buy white towels (clever solution right? lol) but I thought that I would create a small pin board to hang in the laundry to help me when I am in next in a laundry pickle.
I found these great checklists on how to treat various stains in fabrics so I had them laminated and they will now live in a handy place, close to my machine...just in case.
I found this memo board for under $5 from the Warehouse Clearance section and after masking it up, gave it a couple of quick coats of charcoal paint. I may later paint the cork board but for now, I think I will leave it as it is.
I now have something to hang on one of my laundry walls that is useful. I love a mini project! :-)

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