Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to the Testpot Drawing Board...

It has been time to revisit Resene again and get yet another batch of test pots. This indecision over paint choice is unlike me but I think my mistake with the last colour has knocked my confidence. The only two rooms which are staying Double Alabaster are the spare room and the children's room. The rest of the house needs to be repainted and I don't want to muck it up again!

My first option is: Rice Cake, described as a sharp, clean yellow white, tasty with strong colours. I am not exactly sure how a colour can be "tasty" but it sounds convincing!

Option Two: Bianca, a light cream off white, a warmer alternative to pure white.

And Option Three: Pearl Lusta, a classic cream with a hint of yellow. This colour has been on the Resene charts for years and still remains in the top ten, however it is the colour I am least convinced of out of the three.

This weekend we will paint the swatches up and see what we think. The sooner I make a decision, the sooner we can get started...again. :-)

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