Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open Shelving and Our New Zones

When I was searching for suitable containers for my new zones, I had a very particular shape and size in mind. I was really happy to find these great metal tubs in Spotlight and they were the perfect size I needed to fit in a tricky area of shelving in our kitchen.
We have an area of open shelving at the end of a row of cabinets and I have struggled to find suitable items to place there that don't end up looking like a horrendous mess. I am not a fan of open shelving usually, mainly because I don't have any beautiful collections (like Crown Lynn swans!) to display.
I have mainly used this area to store my magazines but a lot of other junk seems to accumulate there too. Not any longer though! Each shelf has now been allocated a tub and I also bought an extra metal tub to contain all our paper recycling. Now I can finally appreciate my open shelving for it's good points, rather than it's bad!
I am hoping to convince Taff to repaint my kitchen cabinetry in plain white soon (he isn't keen so I will need to be persuasive) and update it with new handles. It is currently a creamy off white and is still perfectly functional, I would just love to update it a little.
I also have an idea up my sleeve for the back of the open shelving. I am not sure if I am brave enough but I would love to wallpaper this area in a beautiful print to add a bit of interest to an otherwise neutral space.
I would also like to make myself a long blackboard to hang on the left hand side wall, next to the shelving. So many projects and not enough time. :-)

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