Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding Photos

Due to a lack of wall space and the need to 'depersonalise' our last two houses while getting them ready for sale, our wedding photos have been confined to a box at the top of the wardrobe for much of their life. After opening the wardrobe downstairs recently and having this old wooden frame fall on me, I decided it was about time I showed them some care and attention.
These three photos were taken outside the ASB Bank (in a heritage building) near Albert Park at Auckland University and are some of my favourites. While we were dating we spent many long nights studying in the library opposite (so conscientious back then!) so we thought it was fitting that we had at least some photos taken there.
As you can see from this snapshot, the photos were in a state of disarray and it was time to update them in some nice clean white frames. I still haven't hung them yet but once our bedroom is painted I think I will hang them above our drawers to remind us of our special day. :-)

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