Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Pulsar Lives to See Another Day...

For those of you who have been following the Pulsar saga, I am pleased to report that she is back in action! The experts deemed that she needed a new 'dizzy' (distributor to us non mechanic types) but was otherwise running well. They said the car's oil was still very clean, showing the engine was still humming. They also said that the fact that she had clocked up over 300,000km was irrelevent, drive it till it dies was their advice! After sorting through some photos yesterday I found this shot, which brought a smile to my face. My Pulsar has been an absolute work horse over the past ten years and this photo proves it. Karen and I used it to pull up a very stubborn shrub at our last house, amongst other things. Believe it or not, Taff has fitted a queen size mattress in it, transported dining suites, rolls of carpet, large mirrors, stacks of concrete pavers and perhaps the tightest fit, this large Little Tikes outdoor activity gym!
We are chuffed that she is back up and running again and are looking forward to many more happy times. :-)

Stay tuned this week for more posts on organising in the next few days!

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