Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rosie's Mini Milestone

Little Rosie has met a mini milestone today. She can now ride a bike by herself! We drove down to Hamilton this morning and Papa decided that today was the day that Rosie would learn to ride without her training wheels. Last year I bought this Mocka balance bike for Harry and Rosie has been using it on occasion. As the name suggests, the bike really helped with her balance but she still wasn't confident on her big bike.
I really wasn't sure that she could learn in one morning, but after about 30 minutes of training from Papa, Rosie was riding on her own! She was very proud of herself and couldn't wait to tell me the news and show me her new skills.
She zoomed around Nana and Papa's driveway like a pro and I was a very proud Mum. :-)
When we got back to Auckland, Taff removed her training wheels from her bike up here and they spent an hour or so riding around and gaining confidence on her big bike.
 Rose is very cautious by nature so I was quite surprised that she picked it up so quickly. I was also glad I had my camera nearby to snap up this little milestone. :-)

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