Saturday, September 25, 2010

Laundry Essentials

I am still working on what to do with my laundry organisation but I have picked up a few little essentials and have some mini projects for this room that I am hoping to complete in the next few days.
I have had my eye on a set of these metal laundry organisers for a while and they are readily available in good homeware stores such as Freedom, but never at an affordable price. Imagine my joy to find these as I was strolling in the Warehouse the other day! They look almost exactly like their expensive conterparts, at less than half the price of others I have seen. I was chuffed.
I got the soak bucket, peg container and household carrier for my laundry powders and Napisan. I chose the charcoal colour as the laundry is a very pale neutral and I wanted some contrast with the walls. I also picked up a test pot of Baltic Sea from Resene and will use that for my mini projects (more to come on those!).
I am hoping they will co-ordinate and that the ideas floating around in my head will work. Oh well, at least I am enjoying the process! :-)

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