Friday, September 3, 2010

I Told You So!

It has been an eventful afternoon and evening today. My beloved Nissan Pulsar ticked over at 300,000 km on the clock yesterday and right on cue, the problems started. She has been on borrowed time for quite a while now and I knew my blissful years of trouble free motoring must surely be coming to an end. I suspected that all was not well during my trip to work today. As I neared the roundabout in Albany, I heard the engine splutter a few times and the rest of the drive was very touch and go. We made it to school and I was already worried about the afternoon trip home. 
On the way home I got as far as the second set of lights and my poor Pulsar simply stopped. I was stranded at a busy set of lights for 15 minutes before a miracle occured and my car started again and I was able to drive it a few metres and park it up. The kids and I waited for Taff to come and collect us, we read books and listened to fairy tales to pass the time. You would think that would be the end of wasn't!
I will preface the rest of this story by saying that Taff has given me permission to share it. lol. It seems that Taff has had a few car troubles in his time and was certain he could drive my car home in a way which would get the old girl back home safely. I repeatedly voiced my doubts about this, having driven the car and experienced first hand the way it struggled, coughed and spluttered but Taff was sure it would be a cinch! Let's just say that we made it as far as the Onewa Road overbridge (with me driving behind) before, just as I predicted, the Pulsar gave up. It took every ounce of self control to resist saying the words, "I told you so". In fact I am not sure I was entirely successful in my efforts!
After some coaxing, Taff agreed to call Roadside Rescue and 30 minutes later, the old silver girl was towed back to our house. It is a good thing that I am married to such a cheerful soul as Taff tells me that he actually enjoyed sitting on the shoulder of the overbridge and looking out to the city on a cold and wet night! Methinks he may be exaggerating slightly. :-)
I do not know the fate of my much loved Pulsar at this stage. I have owned her for 10 years and we have had many happy trips over the years. She will be towed to the garage at 7am on Monday and her fate will be sealed then. I hope she just needs some spark plugs! :-)

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