Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 Minute Tutu in Action!

Here are some photos of Rose "trying" it out this afternoon. It is too big for her really so I had to snap the photos fast or it would fall down! :)

30 Minute Tutu...

Rose is going to a friend's 5th birthday in a couple of weekends so we decided to get creative and make a gift rather than buying one. We decided to make a little dress up outfit for Ashlee.

Rose and I popped along to Spotlight yesterday and she chose the the two tulle colours, "candy" pink and mint green. We got a hair band from the $2 shop and cut it up to make the flower decoration on the waistband and used long strips of white satin ribbon which I already had in my sewing cupboard. We also bought a basic white singlet and an iron-on butterfly motif.

After using Google to search "tutus", I found a great link for a 30 minute "no-sew" tutu. Technically it isn't quite "no-sew" as you have to sew the waistband elastic together. Other than that it is super easy! It took me a little longer than 30 minutes as it was my first attempt and there are things I would do differently next time but overall, Rose and I are happy with it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new project...

I have been looking for a playhouse for the kids for a while now but they always went for far too much so when I spotted this one with a reasonable Buy Now price, I had to get it. It was literally two streets away but we still had to get a Hiab to bring it in as it is really heavy.
It is a 'Danish' playhouse with extra large vernadah, shingle roof and a little loft inside. I would have liked to have kept it for a Christmas present but the people selling it were starting a huge landscape project so we had to collect it sooner. Hiding it on our property until Christmas wasn't an option!

I am wanting to paint it the same colour as our house and originally wanted to paint the inside too. I have scaled down the project now and think I will just do up the inside on a small scale by making a little mattress for the loft and maybe a few other little projects. I would still like to paint the outside though.

I thought I would post these pictures of the playhouse getting delivered earlier this week and hopefully in a little while, I will have photos to post of the "updated" playhouse!

and just one more!

Welcome little Hunter...

My little nephew Hunter, was born on the 3rd of Novmber 2008 and last Saturday I took some photos of him using my digital camera. While the photos aren't really a "craft" as such, I figure they can be loosely termed "creative". Nellie found a great article in Little Treasures magazine which gave tips on taking photos of newborns so we got some good ideas from there. Isn't he scrumptious!