Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mr 7 Months

Our little man is now 7 months and we are still very much in love with him. :)
He is the most happy and content baby and we still can't quite believe our luck! As a mum I am big on routines and although I know this doesn't suit everyone, it really works for our family.
We are not clock watchers and I would describe our routine as flexible, but without it I don't know how I would get anything done around the house or take care of our other two kids!
Elliot has his longest sleep in the morning and during that time I scramble to fit in all my jobs and tasks around the house. Although I am an at home mum, I have still kept up my habit of creating 'To Do' lists each day. I have found this really helpful and it ensures I make the time to fit in all the things I need to each day.
I am loving being a mum at home and am cherishing each moment in a way I never did with Rosie and Harry. Perhaps this is because I now know that this precious time is so I find myself snuggling with Elliot just that little bit longer each day. :)