Monday, September 20, 2010

Organising Paper Clutter

I have been searching for inspiration via the blogworld for dealing with the mountain of paper clutter I find myself faced with as a busy mum. There was a great post on Creative Organising which showed some inspiring 'Errand Zones' and I decided it was high time I created one for myself. My kitchen is a busy place and I needed a new solution for organising all the household "stuff" that was encroaching on my bench space.
About a year ago I decided to create a 'junk basket' for all my clutter, but as you can see from the photo above, the basket was no longer cutting it. It was originally designed to be a place where I put bills, notices, coupons, etc until I could file them. In reality the junk just piled up and important documents were getting lost in the mess. I decided I really needed to streamline my system and get it working for me again.
On Saturday afternoon I headed out to find a suitable container for my 'zone', as well as some folders and file organisers. I wanted it to contain the items I use the most and need to have quick access to.
For me that was my notebooks for my lists (I am a list girl) and my notecard wallets... household redecoration folder (for paint charts, magazine tear outs, etc) and trusty tape measure...
...and my file folders. These are from Kikki K and are so pretty! :-) I have labelled them and sorted them into categories such as bills, kids activities, school, statements, envelopes, vouchers and a To File folder.
I also have a clipboard with my meal planner on it. I sorted through my junk basket and have filed all my paper clutter, I am loving my new system!
Tomorrow I will post about the new craft and activity zones I have created for Rosie and Harry.

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