Friday, October 1, 2010

Friends of the Zoo

In keeping with our animal theme this week, we also took a trip to the zoo!
We are Friends of the Zoo which means that we can visit at any time, but we are usually so busy during term time that it ends up being a holiday activity for the most part.
Harry has been unwell for a few days so preferred to look at the animals from the comfort of his buggy but the Cotton Top Tamarin caught his attention. It seems he loves them as much as I do. :-)
The Spider Monkeys were also a real hit, as was the fish swimming past at the edge of the monkey encloure. Can you spot the dark object in the water?
Rosie was quite particular about the animals she wanted to see so she really led our trip around the zoo. She thought the tortoise had a "very scary" face and that he looked like he was angry with us. His face does have a menacing look, come to think of it!
Believe it or not, the thing Rosie most wanted to see was the Japanese garden. She had seen the coins at the bottom of the pond on a previous visit and told me she wanted to make a wish. Here she is, throwing the coin in and making her wish.
The tigers also provided a lot of entertainment and as you can see, Harry got up very close...on the other side of the thick glass of course! :-)
One of their favourite things to do was to check out the microscope inside the zoo hospital/research area. This was the first time they had been to this part of the zoo and they were fascinated by the operating theatre and all the specimens in jars.
They loved using the microscope to enlarge all the laminated feathers and skins, etc.
They also had a go at looking at their zoo passes under the microscope and seeing them projected on the big screen.
We had a really fantastic day at the zoo, seeing everything from the baby zebra to the new aligator enclosure. The weather was stunning and we are looking forward to another visit soon.

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