Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Trip to the Craft Show

Last weekend Rosie and I went to the Dunkley's Craft Show at the North Shore Events Centre.

I usually attend every year and have noticed a significant decline in the number of exhibitors in recent years, but I was quite shocked by how small this year's event was.
A lot of the usual exhibitors seemed to have pulled out during the recession so there wasn't a whole lot that I was tempted by. I felt there was a real absense of 'cool craft'! :-)
Rosie was far less judgemental however. As soon as she saw this stall dedicated to fairy items she was taken with it. She was allowed one thing at the show and she chose a small bag with fairy treats including shredded foil paper, I mean fairy dust, inside. She later confided to me that she didn't think the fairy dust was going to work as it was 'only cut up wrapping paper'. Still, she seemed happy with her choice.
The biggest hit ended up being the free dog balloon which provided a lot of entertainment once we got home! Despite my disappointment at the range offered at the show, we had a lovely mum and daughter outing together and that is what matters most!

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