Monday, October 11, 2010

Sylvia Road Kitchen, Dining Area and Laundry

This room was perhaps the most challenging part of living at Sylvia Road. It was our kitchen, dining room and laundry, all in one room. The floor was originally covered in brown vinyl and we had to use a heat gun to remove it all. There were old purple plastic blinds on the windows and there was an ancient benchtop with a built in, pull out chopping board complete with food scraps still embedded on it!
Given the market slump at that time, we couldn't really afford to make any major changes with the kitchen. We ended up repainting the old cabinetry white and replacing the handles and kitchen sink. That was virtually it. There was literally only a small section of the bench to use for food preparation and ridiculously high cupboards which required a chair to reach. It really was a challenge to use and I never felt motivated to cook in there. On the plus side, having such a bad kitchen there has really made me appreciate my current kitchen!
We bought an inexpensive cupboard from Bunnings to add some extra storage but this meant that the fridge had to move to the laundry end. There was definitely no 'working triangle' in this space! lol. One of the major difficulties was doing the laundry in this shared space. I was a cloth nappy Mum (loved using them!) and I hated doing nappy loads at the same time as food prep. It just felt wrong! :-)
In the end, we made it work for our family and although it was a space that had it's challenges, it also had potential. Perhaps the new owners will realise that potential in their time there. :-)

We are nearing the end of the Sylvia series, tomorrow I will share the work we did in the backyard and sleepout.

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