Friday, October 15, 2010

Pool Doctor's Magic

Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago about our Coca Cola coloured pool. There was some kind of strange reaction with the sawdust from our Pepper Tree and the pool water. Taff did his utmost to try and fix the problem but unfortunately it was beyond our realm of expertise, we needed to call in the Pool Doctor.
The Pool Doctor has worked his magic and the pool is finally blue again
He came and did a site visit and said that the pool would need to be emptied and the sides given a chemical wash to try and remove the staining. Only then could he get a more accurate picture of the problem. We decided to give him the go ahead as there really wasn't anything else we could do in the situation.
 Coca Cola pool
Imagine our surprise to come home after his first treatment visit to find a blue pool again! Yes, it was still quite murky but blue nonetheless. The pool obviously hadn't been emptied and after calling him we learnt that he had just put a whole lot of chemicals in there. We were thrilled that our pool wasn't permanently stained and after two more visits, he had it back to a perfect chemical balance and all ready to swim in.
Pool after the first treatment...much improved but still in need of a little work.
Of course, this doesn't mean any of us are brave enough to swim in it yet, it is still way too cold for that! Still, it is nice to look out and see a crystal clear blue pool again rather than a pool full of Coca Cola! :-)

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