Friday, October 8, 2010

Sylvia Road Master Bedroom

Welcome to the Sylvia (our affectionate name for this house) master bedroom! This room was an interesting one. It was full of all sorts of strange things sticking out of the walls. It also had bright red embossed wallpaper that had faded to orange in places. It was not the funky wallpaper you see these days, it was pure vintage and sadly in this case, not cool vintage. Due to time contraints we decided to paint over the wallapaper in almost all the areas of the house. This room was no exception. After the painting was finished I actually really loved the walls. They had a beautiful textured finish, but in a soft neutral colour.
 We ripped out the pelmets above the window as these had moss growing in them, I kid you not. I found this fantastic roman blind on Trademe from a manufacturer selling mis-measured customer orders, it was perfect for our room. We also ripped up the carpet and lay very budget friendly carpet. This carpet was very cheap but it fitted my brief, stylish and family friendly. When we lifted the old carpet the amount of dust embedded in there was scary! Changing the flooring is such a great way to completely lift the room.
Storage, or a lack thereof, was an issue in this room. We could only fit a small tallboy in the corner of the room and Taff and I shared the small cramped wardrobe. Taff made it look great by repainting all the woodwork and replacing the handles but there was no escaping the fact that it was really too small to fit all of our clothing in. We ended up storing out of season clothing in the roof cavity as there was literally no room left in the house. The bedding was again from Thread Design but I picked up this set from Trademe. Amazingly, it was a very restful room which was important to me as with two small children in the house, we needed a space that we could relax in.

Tomorrow I will be sharing Rosie's room at Sylvia. :-)

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