Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Decorating

I have never decorated our house for Halloween before but this year Rosie and I thought we might do something very small to get the house ready for Halloween.
We found this great bat template over at Country Living and this afternoon we made a few bats from some black card to stick on our walls.
We traced the template onto some sturdy card to make it more robust and then Rosie drew around it on the folded black paper.
It only took a few minutes to make several bats so it was an easy craft activity to do while dinner was cooking.
All was going well until...
I heard Rosie shout out, "What happened with this?" It seems that something went wrong with cutting out this particular bat so we had a good laugh about this strangely shaped one.
Now our lounge walls are graced with these gorgeous bats and we are set for our Halloween weekend. :-)

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