Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harry Loves Sunglasses!

Harry has developed a strange obsession with sunglasses lately. When he was younger he would never wear them and pull them straight off as soon as we put them on. Now he won't take them off. As soon as he wakes up he likes to put them on and they are on and off throughout the day.
I did however think he was taking it a bit too far when we walked into his room the other night and found this sight! Yes, he truly is asleep, believe it or not. The green thing on his head is Rosie's book bag and she told us the next morning that he put it on because he wanted to be a pirate. Little kids really are hilarious and it is the little moments like these I never want to forget. :-)


Karen MacDonald said...

So funny and cute as well

Luz said...

Love reading your blog! :D

Shazza Hazza said...

Ahaha, that is so cute!