Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween with some great friends of ours. It was fantastic! Rosie dressed up as a dancing witch and Harry was a pirate. :-)
They had organised some super cool activities for the kids such as...
a lolly scramble (beats knocking on doors that is for sure)...
'Pin the Wart on the Witch'...
and a 'ghost' search in the trees.
They were also treated to a cool magic show and were very impressed with Karl's array of tricks, as was I! 
As for the trick or treaters, having been caught out in the past and having nothing to give, I stocked up in anticipation...and not one person came. Poor Rosie (bless her heart!) stuck a paper bat to the letterbox and sat beside it and waited for someone to come...and no one did. She told me she did spy someone dressed as a pumpkin but they were walking in a different direction. I think we live in quite an 'old' neighbourhood and there aren't a lot of kids around so she was quite disappointed. I told her that I would take some of the treats and hide them in a treasure hunt around the backyard one day soon and she and Harry can search for them. My lolly jar at school needs refilling too. :-)

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