Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sylvia Road Rosie's Room

Welcome to Rosie's room at Sylvia! This was a fantastic room which was actually very spacious, north facing and warm. It was at the rear of the house so there was no need for sheers on the windows, allowing lots of natural light to flood in. We had a white blockout roman blind in here which was great for Rosie's daytime naps (I miss those...). :-)
This room originally had two layers of wallpaper and this proved problematic when we were painting as they weren't papered evenly and therefore there were creases everywhere. We actually sanded most of the worst creases out and I have to say, this was not a fun job. I only have a short attention span for sanding so this process did take a while. :-) We then painted the walls and Taff finished the wardrobes, windows and ceiling in pure white.
On one side of the room there was an alcove space which was the perfect size for Rose's single bed so we placed it there and left the rest of the room for her bookcase, table and chairs and toys. If we were still there I would have looked at getting a built in desk made for this alcove as it would be a perfect space for Rose's craft activities.
A lot of the furniture in here was second hand and refurbished by my fantasic Dad. I had admired these drawers and this toybox at Tesori and managed to get the same look for a fraction of the price by buying some standard drawers from Target Furniture and having the sprayed in white. I sourced the handles direct from Tesori and voila, Tesori imposter drawers! The crown toybox I found on Trademe but it was a sand colour so Dad resprayed it white for me. I also picked up the Tesori Crown Table and Chair Set second hand. It was a butter yellow colour and the top was swollen in places, Dad worked his magic with the sander and spray gun and it looked brand new again. This bedside table was from Treehouse (now Tom Tom Jak) in Epsom and was again, another Trademe find. The trundler underneath the bed was also from Treehouse and I found it at the annual fair at Stanley Bay school in Devonport...Dad once again transformed it for me. 
The two things that I did save up for were Rosie's Junior Room Rosa bed and the Tesori bookcase. It took me several months to get enough money for them but I loved both pieces a lot, especially the bed with it's gorgeous butterfly carved ends and wooden beading.
When we were getting ready to sell Sylvia Road, I decided that having some bright linen in the room would be nice so I picked up this red and white heart set from K-Mart in a sale. It was cheap as chips and brightened the room a lot.
This was my favourite room to decorate in the rooms always are!

Tomorrow I will share Harry's nursery transformation.

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