Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Scary Sight!

It is common knowledge that having a pool is great in summer...but a pain in winter! You still have to maintain it, but get no joy from it until the weather improves...closer to December really!
I take no credit for any pool care that goes on at our place. Taff does it all, with the occasional helping hand from Rose and Harry.
I must admit, the pool wasn't in perfect shape before the trees were cut down, but in saying that, it wasn't too bad considering it was the middle of winter. As you can see from the photo, it was still looking rather blue on the day the trees were cut down. We expected it might get a little debris in it after the trees came down but nothing prepared us for the sight we would wake up to!
After the guys left, it was noticably murkier at the bottom but the water was still reasonably clear...
...we expected it to settle overnight and then Taff was going to vacuum it this week.
Horror of horrors, this is what our pool now looks like. It's like a pool from my childhood nightmares! We have no idea what has happened or why all the dirt hasn't settled at the bottom. Taff has added a heap of chlorine to it and we will be watching it in the next couple of days. If this, in conjuction with the vacuum doesn't work, Taff may have to go in, unplug it and drain it. I wouldn't wish this job on anyone. Fingers crossed it sorts itself out soon as it is a scary sight at the moment!

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