Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Guest Room Makeover

This was one of our major jobs this convert Rose's room into the guest bedroom. Until we get downstairs sorted out, we needed a place for our friends and family to stay. We also have quite a bit of painting to do in our own bedroom and wanted somewhere for us to sleep while we are working on the room. By having the spare bedroom upstairs, we don't have to worry about paint fumes and a mattress on the floor in our own room. Phew!
It was a pretty simple task and we moved all the furniture from the room downstairs, up to Rose's empty room. Thank goodness everything fitted in nicely and I was able to set the room up using items we already had. I was even able to bring out my old home made cross cushions again as they have been in hiding for a while! I blogged about them a while back here.
I picked up these great bedside tables from a Farmers Clearance Sale a couple of months ago for $99 each and I much prefer them to our old Freedom wood and rattan ones (which I sold on Trademe for more than the cost of these!). These are much more simple and less imposing, great if you have a smaller room.
The only new thing in the room is the Thread Design duvet set, also purchased from a clearance sale. Thread are deleting their Peacock Home range so had 50% off. It is a lovely summery looking set which I am tempted to claim back for our own room once it is done!
It was a great fun project and I am pleased with how it turned out. It is a sunny room and a perfect reading spot which I fully intend to test out very soon. :-)

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