Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mmm, Pancakes...

Rose has been looking forward to today, all week. Taff is great at making pancakes but we don't often have time for long, leisurely breakfasts. This morning was an exception! Taff whipped up a batch and Rose and Harry were pretty pleased. :-)
Of course, their preferred toppings are golden syrup and maple syrup, very easy to please! Next time I think I would like to try the blueberry and syrup combination you can see above. :-)
We had a lot of work to do at home today as we rearranged a couple of the rooms in the house to create a spare room upstairs. We have agonised over this (ok, ok, it was mainly me that agonised!) for the last few weeks and decided to make some changes. We have had some leaking downstairs which we are in the process of investigating and this has been quite stressful at times, especially when it rains! lol. Our guest bedroom is currently downstairs and largely unaffected by the leaks, but as we have Hollie arriving soon for a visit, we wanted a warm and dry place for her and our family members to stay. This has meant a drastic change for the kids in their sleeping arrangements. I will be blogging some of these changes in the next few days and sharing some photos of our busy day!

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