Monday, August 16, 2010

Dwell Studio

Tonight I thought I would share some photos from one of my favourite linen suppliers, Dwell Studio. It is an American based company and I fell in love with their products a few months ago. They can be purchased in New Zealand from Allium Interiors, but are prohibitively expensive, for me anyway!
Their point of difference is their organic linen and environmentally friendly dyes. For me, their designs fit perfectly with my love of both modern and vintage. They use lots of vintage icons (such as owls, woodland animals and floral prints) but have a modern spin on them. I also love their geometric shapes too.
It is especially hard to find great boys ranges but theirs are fantastic! Check them out...
...their girls ranges are gorgeous too...
...and they also do a baby range in the same prints. Who said nurseries can't be cutting edge in design? lol.

They do sell adult bdding as well but I imagine it is even more hideously expensive than the childrens' ranges,  I doubt I will be getting any anytime soon. :-)
I hope you feel as inspired by these pics as I do. Tomorrow I will be sharing some photos of Rose's room with her new Dwell Studio cover, purchased only due to a favourable exchange rate on Taff and Rose's recent trip to the UK. In the meantime, we can take some comfort in knowing that Dwell Studio have designed a range especially for US Target at much reduced prices. You can occasionally pick this range up on Ebay if you are lucky!

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