Friday, August 6, 2010

Rainbows End

During the school holidays I took Rose and Harry to Rainbows End for the first time. We had initially planned to go to Motat but once we arrived there and saw the crowds, I made an executive decision to ditch Motat in favour of a far less educational option...Rainbows End.
Now the last time I went to Rainbows End was as a judgemental teenager and at the time, I was bitterly disappointed and vowed not to go again. I was fully expecting to feel the same about this visit but what I hadn't counted on, was how much my 6 and 3 year old would love it! The photo above was taken as we
arrived and you can see from Harry's face that he really isn't sure about it!

Both my children are cautious by nature so we had a walk around first so that they could feel a little more confident with their surroundings. As soon as we hit Castle Land, they were away!

They had countless turns on these cars...

Harry was fond of the rockets...

and Rose loved the dragon mini roller coaster.
They played on the scooters...

watched a show...
played the clown game...
and won prizes!
We visited Candy Land and they had their first candy floss treats.Yummy!
Their very favourite ride however was the Jumpin Star.

I had just as great a day as they did and I loved every minute of seeing them enjoy all these new experiences. We had a blast and look forward to going again. :-)

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