Monday, August 2, 2010

IKEA Annamoa!

I am searching for some inspiration for this gorgeous new piece of fabric which arrived in the mail for me today. I LOVE Ikea fabric and this print is no exception. It was designed for Ikea by Swedish designer Lotta Kuhlhorn, and I am in love with the colours and vibrant print.
The range is called Annamoa and it comes in all the colours and prints you can see above, aren't they beautiful? I have the blue mountain print. :-)
It is one of Ikea's most recent ranges and is proving very popular so I was pleased to have been able to get a piece in a decent size. I initially thought about creating a large wall canvas or perhaps covering a noticeboard for our kitchen. After a little bit of searching this evening, I am not so sure what to do with it. There are so many options and I love them all!
Check out this brilliant idea from Ikea Hacker. Who would have thought of covering a childs table and chair set? Genius!
Or these gorgeous cushions...

Or maybe a simple wall hanging...

Love this nusery too!

All the Annamoa fabrics were inspired by different environments around Sweden, both in Stockholm and the mountains up north. I am looking forward to doing something with this fabric and if you have any ideas, let me know! :-)


Jess vom kleinen Gl├╝ck said...

I love it!Thanks for the inspirations ♥

ellen said...

How did you get this fabric? I know Ikea only sells in stores. Please post info