Monday, August 9, 2010

Laundry Inspiration

Having lived in two houses without a real laundry, this is one room I really love and appreciate at our house now. I used cloth nappies for both Rose and Harry and it always felt wrong to be washing dirty clothes in the same room where I cooked our dinner! Having a dedicated space to wash clothes feels like a luxury now. Doing the laundry is probably my favourite chore, if there is such a thing? I enjoy the whole process of washing (I mean pushing the buttons on the machine!), hanging out and folding. It sounds insane but I find it relaxing. :-)
Our laundry area is quite boring at the moment so I have been searching for some ideas to inject a little bit of life into it. I can't believe how many amazing laundries there are out there! Some of them defy belief.
Check out these amazing rooms:

I have left my favourite until last...check this out!

I love all the white cabinetry, the table, the linen, everything! It is my dream utility room. :-)

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