Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oak be gone!

The huge Oak in our backyard is on the way out and we couldn't be happier. This monstrosity has been the bane of my cleaning life for the last year and although I love a well positioned and attractive tree as much as the next person, this sadly does not fit the bill. It is very poorly positioned and has been blocking sun to our kitchen for too long. Due to the size, it required consent and last week we finally had permission granted to take it down. Yippee!
One of the main reasons I won't be mourning it's loss is the continual mess created by the needles and spiny cones you can see above. These are constantly being dragged through the house and find their way into every little corner imaginable. I am counting the days until it is gone and I will no longer find needles inside our freshly washed clothing. Did I mention that the Oak sits over the top of our clothes line? Someone in the 1960's really wasn't thinking ahead when they planted this one!


Karen MacDonald said...

I think your Oak is actually a pine tree isn't it lol. Oak trees don't have pine cones or needles. Was it late last night that you wrote this? My apologies if I'm wrong but I think you'll find I'm right :).
love ready or post keep it up

Karen MacDonald said...

please follow link to see Oak leaf and confirm I'm right ;)

Tui B said...

Apparently it is a Sheoak! We had this confirmed by the arborist who came around to look at it. :-)

Karen MacDonald said...

sorry you are right! maybe I best not give up my day job :)