Friday, August 27, 2010

Rose and Harry's New Shared Space: Part One

Our other main project last weekend was to create a shared bedroom for Rose and Harry. With the water "issues" downstairs, we have had to reorganise the house to make the best use of the space we have upstairs, whilst planning (and saving) for the work downstairs.
The best solution was to have Rose and Harry sharing a room and the most efficient way to do this was to get bunks. This was a last minute decision so I only had a few days to research and find a set of bunks that would work well in the room.
Naturally, the nicest ones were hugely expensive and I wasn't willing to spend that much. In the end I tracked down a white Ava bunk set (we had to travel to Manukau to get the last set in stock in Auckland!) from Beds r Us and I am pretty happy with them.
It took Taff and I a long time to assemble them last Saturday (we are talking hours) but it was a good communication and team building exercise! The kids checked in on a regular basis to "help" us out and watch the progress of their new beds coming together. They were surprisingly very excited to be sharing a room.
Rose invited Harry up to her top bunk to watch while Taff attached the ladder.
Tomorrow I will share photos of the finished room and how the first few days of sharing have been. :-)

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