Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rose's Party Part Two

Right, now to the party itself! Some lovely students in my class had put togther a plan for Rose's party in the 'Event Planning' section of our Life Skills unit last term. They came up with some suitable games and painted a beautiful 'Pin the Wings on Tinkerbell'. They also organised and wrapped our Pass the Parcel for us. I love my class!
After our games, we had a very special person arrive...Fairy Rosebud! She was beautiful and animated, the girls loved her. :-)

They listened to a fairy story and then prepared a special fairy dance for us!

After learning some special fairy skills, the girls received their fairy certificates.

The Fairy Queen had also sent a special present for Rose from Fairy Land.

We then said goodbye to Fairy Rosebud and it was eating time...

and then present time...
and then cake time!

We had a fantastic day and Rose was so happy to have spent it with her friends and family. She is already planning the next one!

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