Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Wiggles...One Year On...

The Wiggles are much loved around the globe and these photos prove it. I am usually a 'mean' mum and don't allow Rose and Harry to go on ride ons at shopping malls. $2 for a 90 second ride is excessive in my opinion! In saying that, some of my earliest memories are of the ride on outside the cafe/lunch bar (not sure what it was called back then!) in a department store in Gisborne. I loved the elephant. :-)
We weren't sure how popular the Wiggles would be in the UK and a year ago, Harry was obsessed with them. Imagine his joy when we walked into The Friary at Guildford and saw this! He was beside himself with excitement as shopping is not one of his favourite activities and this was a welcome distraction.
The other week we ventured over to Sylvia Park with Mum and Dad and what did we see? The exact same ride on. Even though Rose and Harry have both moved on from the Wiggles, we decided to let them have a ride anyway.
I thought it was amusing that we had run into the same ride, exactly a year later and on opposite sides of the world. Yay for globalisation!

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