Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wallpaper Wall...

I have been meaning to blog about this wallpapered wall of ours for almost six months but I thought I had better do it soon as it may be changing! lol.
I bought this Sonnet Yasmin Silver wallpaper in the UK a year ago from this seller. We had recently bought our current house and it was still in it's "raw" state and I had visions of crisp white walls and charcoal, grey and white furniture. What I didn't realise was that underneath the worn, threadbare carpet we had beautiful warm light Tawa floorboards and once they were polished, the look I was envisaging was just not working. We have been in renovation limbo for several months now and I am supposed to be choosing a new colour but am terrified of making another mistake, so am taking my time...too much time.

My magnificant dad (best in the world!) is so helpful to me with my ideas and projects and has painted many an item of furniture for me over the years, bless him! :-) He lovingly wallpapered our entry hall for me in scorching heat and dealt with the challenge of glue that constantly dried too quickly.

After all that, I do like the wall a lot...but am not sure it is right for our space. I think I would like something lighter in a warmer tone to match the floors and at this stage, I am leaning towards stripping the paper and repainting it.

I think I would also like the back of our front door painted white to lighten up the space as well. It is a very dark brown at the moment, which we love on the outside, but I am not conviced about it on the inside. I'm not sure if it is because we were in such small houses prior to this one but dark colours scare me still! I was always focused on trying to make the spaces (all 80-90square metres of it!) look bigger than they were and I guess this is a feeling that has stuck with me!

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