Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunnyhaven Bedroom Two

This room initially was a spare bedroom with a queen size bed in it when we first bought it. A year later it became a nursery and was Rose's bedroom until we moved. This room has had four colours in the time we have owned it! It started out as Aloha, then I had the "bright" (no pun intended!) idea of painting it yellow as a gender neutral base for the nursery. What a disaster! When Rose arrived, all I wanted was pink in her room and it clashed with the yellow in the most awful way. I had to keep the yellow for a token few months as Taff had expressed his concerns about the yellow from the start, and I didn't want all his work to be in vain. :-)

When Rose was a few months old I managed to talk Taff into a repaint. I chose Dulux Antique White USA and really loved it as it was a lovely warm white which was perfect for a child's bedroom. It also allowed me to change the look of the room very inexpensively by just changing the bedding and art. After our tenants moved out, the paint job was still fine in this room but it was painted in Merino again for consistency.
As far as furnishing the room went, we borrowed the bed from Mum's spare room and I picked up the white bedside table online for $35. The Flokati rug was from Ezibuy and I bought Rose's vintage look Bambi alarm clock to place on the bedside table. The bedding and art was made by me (see this blog post for details) from Cath Kidston fabric and I picked up the pink striped Little House Australian Merino Blanket at the end of the bed from a second hand store.
The little white table and chairs are from Mocka and as you can see from this photo, were originally a natural birch colour. They just didn't quite look right with the rest of the white furniture so I quickly repainted them with some leftover Resene Double Alabaster paint we had in the garage.
We have found that furnishing a room in a tasteful (but not neccesarily expensive way) not only helps to sell a house faster, but definitely results in a far better price. It is well worth the effort to present your house in the best possible way.

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