Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mmmm, Birthday Cake...

Since Rose is having her birthday party at the end of the month, we celebrated with a quiet family dinner in  Hamilton. Due to still being quite tired from my school report marathon last week, I decided to whip up our family's favourite chocolate cake recipe...Sophie Gray's DG Chocolate Cake. This cake is the absolute best cake, uses standard pantry ingredients and never fails.
I made a simple butter icing (also from Sophie's book, 'Enjoy'), coloured it pink with some colouring paste and added some raspberry essense....Yum! I hunted through my craft box and found some spare ribbon to tie around the base, added a fabric flower and picked out the pink, white and orange flower sprinkles that I had leftover from a cupcake making exercise a few weeks ago. I am certainly not a cake decorator and this is the extent of my skills, I leave the true decorating to the pros!

As for the dinner requests, Rose's Uncle Brian made his famous macaroni cheese for her lunch and I made butter chicken using a combination of these two recipes. Happy Birthday Rose!

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