Thursday, July 15, 2010


The laundry at Sunnyhaven was a bit of a drama due to the tight space and the need to change the laundry tub around to create more room in there. We found a great Aquatica tub at Mitre 10 Mega, brought it home....and it didn't fit!
Back to Mitre 10 Mega we went and found this great slimline tub which was perfect. The laundry area is small and at first glance, it looks like you wouldn't be able to fit a washing machine in there so we wanted to eliminate any doubt in a potential buyers mind by putting a washer and dryer in there to show it could be done. We used our own dryer from home and I searched for a broken front loader on Trademe and found one for $80! We looked at hiring a machine but buying a broken one was cheaper and this one was a great looking Bosch model which fitted perfectly. After we sold the house I popped it back on Trademe and sold it for the same price as we bought it for. As you can see on the right hand side of the photo below, there wasn't a machine in the laundry at that stage and it definitely looked a lot better with one.
After ripping out the tub and pulling up the vinyl we were left with this sight:
Taff put new Gib (he is very handy now!) on the wall, plastered, sanded and repainted and it was as good as new after that. I popped a couple of seagrass baskets ($5 each on Trademe) on the washer and dryer and added a couple of green and white art canvas pieces to add some interest. Done!

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