Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Rose and Harry are into their second term of swimming now and they are slowly, but surely gaining more and more confidence. They attend Helen's School of Swimming on Tuesday nights and are in a class with one other girl so they get a lot of individual attention, which has really helped them. Rose had a term swimming at school (they went to professional swim school) earlier this year and achieved more in one night at Helen's than she did in the entire time at school so it has been well worth the effort to make it a part of their schedule.
Both kids were very cautious in our pool last year and Harry fell in on one occasion so we are hoping that this summer they will enjoy using it a lot more!
Rose is now confident fetching objects underwater and is pretty good at using a simple stroke to swim around. Harry is a little less keen but he is still making good improvements.
Roll on summer!

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