Friday, July 30, 2010

Twas the night before the party...

The baking and preparation for the party has continued well into the night and I "think" I have most things organised for now. Rose is super excited that there is only 'one sleep' left to go!

The cupcakes are done and my new cupcake tower will be having it's second outing. :-)

I am loving these Paper Eskimo Baking Cups. They are the cutest!

The cake is mostly done, I just have a few things to add tomorrow to finish it off. Due to my lack of cake decorating skills, I wanted a nice high cake so at least it would have one redeeming feature! I made two chocolate cakes and cut them down slightly so that together, they would make one high cake. I think I have worked out why I am no good at this. Great cake decorating takes patience and I just don't have any!

Here is a sneak peek of the half completed cake. It certainly isn't perfect but was made with love and Rose is happy with it regardless. :-)

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