Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pantry Organisation

One of the jobs on my 'To Do' list in terms of home organising, was to rearrange my pantry. When I left home and got my first flat I purchased some round plastic containers with blue lids from the $2 Shop and have been using them for the last 10 years! They had broken seals and had definitely seen better days and it is with great shame that I post this 'before' pic!

After looking for some ideas online I had some serious pantry envy. I love all the Tupperware pantry containers but I just couldn't justify the cost when there are so many cheaper options. A trip to the Warehouse was in order and I settled on the Cuisine Queen brand with white lids. I got them all on sale and they range in price from $2.00-$9.00 so a lot more cost effective than Tupperware!
After putting off this job for months I spent a Saturday afternoon on it and it is now a lot easier to find what I need when I am baking. It is still far from perfect, but a lot better than it was! Note to self: Never buy round containers again, they just don't fit well. :)


Karen MacDonald said...

Nana said you can come do hers next, just to keep yur skills up to date :)

Tui B said...

Lol, anytime! It was a fun project. :-)