Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunnyhaven Series...

For the next few posts I thought I would focus on our house which we just sold at Sunnyhaven. This home was always very special to us as it was our very first house! We bought it on 11 June 2003 and lived there for almost four years, before renting it out to a lovely couple expecting their first child. We have so many happy memories of Sunnyhaven and it was the perfect first house for us.
When we first moved in, the entire house was painted in 'Aloha', a pale apricot colour! Although it wasn't to our taste, it wasn't actually too bad so we lived with it for several months. Over the next few years we worked on a few projects and more recently, an intensive redecoration to get it ready to sell.

Our aim was to list the house on the market on the weekend after Easter and we began our work there in early March, 2010. It was a very busy six weeks and as I look back on it, I am not sure how we did it. We both worked full time and then spent every spare moment there to try and meet our deadline. Our poor kids tagged along with us for many of these trips and were amazing. We had a short space of time and a limited budget but with the wonderful help and support of family and friends, we made it! Over the next few days I will explain in further detail what we did to maximise our chances for a sale, and yes, we did sell!

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