Monday, July 26, 2010

Rose's Wardrobe Organisation

Anyone with a little girl will know how much "stuff" they accumulate over time. Little dresses, shoes, costumes and toys! We haven't done anything to any of the wardrobes yet so they were still in their orginal state, complete with grey/blue paint from the 60's. This must have been a common colour to paint wardrobes (or rooms!) in houses back then as our last house had the exact same dodgy colour!

These pictures are rather embarrasing but illustrate how desperately we needed to do this job. :-)

Taff repainted the interior of the wardrobe in Resene Double Alabaster to match the room and I set about clearing out and organising all the stuff inside it.

I bought some Sterilite baskets from Mitre 10 Mega and used them to store out of season shoes, bags, Barbies, extra blankets and toys. Everything is so much easier to find and Rose is able to clean up and put her items back in the correct place more easily.

I used our exisiting hanging wardrobe organisers for shoes and bulky jumpers and replaced all the coathangers with plain white ones picked up from the Warehouse (for consistency you see! lol).

The sliding doors have now been put back on after a new coat of crisp white enamel and Rose's room is finally finished.
One down, a few more to go!

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