Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our New Ikea Table!

I have been searching for a new dining table on Trademe for a long time now but just haven't found what I have been looking for. Although we love our current table, the dark Indian Hardwood just didn't look right with the light floors (more about that here) and I wanted something in white or a very light colour wood, similar to the floor. We also constantly had food dropping onto the floor at the ends where the kids sat as their chairs couldn't be pushed in to the table fully, so there was a big gap between them and the table surface.

I was looking at the latest listings the other night and saw exactly what I wanted at an amazing bargain price! This Ikea Norden table is huge at 220cm x 100cm and can extend out to 260cm. I love the simple clean lines and I quickly snapped it up via Buy Now before anyone else could get to it. The seller had seriously underpriced it and I think I got it within about 10 minutes of it being listed.

As with all things Ikea, there was a small amount of assembly involved (although most of it was done already) but the weather was gorgeous today so I was happy to sit in our sunny dining room during the process. :-)

We love our new table and now the kids can sit in their Stokke Tripp Trapps with us, rather than tacked on the ends. Why oh why do we not have an Ikea in New Zealand?!

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