Monday, July 12, 2010

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom at Sunnyhaven has had a few changes over the years but just before we moved out, we painted it in Resene's Half Tea, also known as Acropolis.

This was quite a dark colour and as the room doesn't get that much light, we repainted it in Merino, just like the rest of the house. We pulled down the tatty black curtains that had actually turned brown, and removed the torn sheers as well.
As far as furniture goes, we used almost everything from our guest bedroom at our current house. This master bedroom is a really good size so I wanted to use furniture with a low profile to maximise the feeling of spaciousness. We used our Touchwood Apartment Bed, purchased direct from the manufacturer as a discontinued line, the bedside tables were from Freedom and purchased on Trademe. I also picked up a replica George Nelson Coconut Chair and a Freedom console from Trademe so the room was minimally furnished.
I made the art piece myself out of a large canvas from Spotlight which was heavily discounted as the wooden framing was slightly broken. I found the Ikea fabric online for $15 and just used a staple gun to stretch it around the canvas. The white waffle bedding and taupe comforter were picked up from a Briscoes sale but I did splash out on the Thread Design Cross Cushion to tie in with the art.
This was one of the first rooms we finished in the house and Taff spent the odd night there when he was too tired to come home after a late nights painting!

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