Saturday, December 11, 2010

Summer Sunscreen Station

With the warm weather finally arriving in the last few weeks I have finally got around to finishing our summer sunscreen station.
I got the inspiration from Jade over at Super Organiser Mum and it is a great simple project for keeping all your summer sunscreen essentials handy in one place.
These cute summer tags are available at Babalisme and I laminated mine for extra sturdiness. I grabbed some ribbon from my craft stash and the job was almost done.
The wire container is from K Mart ($8 on special) and is actually a revolving cutlery
stand! It was a dark cream when I first bought it and wasn't quite the colour I was looking for so I gave it a coat of white spray paint to lighten it up.
I have learnt a lot from Jade's blog and I love the way she thinks outside the square when it comes to organising around her home.
This simple solution means there is no more searching around for misplaced bottles of sunscreen when heading out to the beach and it is easy to take the whole thing down to the pool for swimming time. Yay for summer!

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