Thursday, December 23, 2010

Harry's Preschool Christmas Party

Harry's preschool recently held their annual Christmas party and being a working mum, I am usually not able to attend. I was thrilled that this year it was held the day after my last day at work for the year...yay!
Harry was very excited that I was able to come as they had prepared a special performance and Santa would be paying a visit as well. I think I was equally as excited! :)
Harry in his Christmas outfit
Harry played a tree (yes, a tree...I think he may take after me with his drama skills) and sang the songs with his friends. I was a proud Mum. :)
Harry with his tree "costume"
After the show it was time for Santa's visit. Harry is very reserved when it comes to Santa, he prefers to keep his distance. I had explained that Santa would call his name and that he could go and collect his gift and say thank-you to Santa...
and he did! He was also very patient while he waited for the rest of the children to get their gifts before he opened his. :)
Santa got Harry a Transformer and a special orange cup with his name on it. He was very pleased with his present.
Harry loves his preschool and he really enjoyed having me there to see him perform. I was really grateful that I was able to attend and spend some special time with my little guy. :)

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