Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Gift Bags

Rosie and I decided that it might be nice to make up some little Christmas bags to share with her class this year. They were quick and easy to make, and are an alternative to traditional Christmas cards.
First we made some basic sugar cookies and dotted them with these yummy Christmas themed M&M's, available from K-Mart. We then wrapped them individually to keep them nice and crisp.
The tags were from yesterday's post and they were glued onto white card to make tags. We also used some red ribbon to tie up the bags after filling them.
We popped a cookie into each paper bag, along with a lollipop and Rose filled her name in on each tag.
It is a nice little activity to do together with your children at this time of year and as Rosie pointed out to me today, "It is more important to give at Christmas, isn't it Mum". I fully agreed with her and asked where she had heard this pearl of wisdom...apparently she heard it on the Imagination Movers' cartoon! I guess the odd bit of TV isn't too bad after all. :)

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