Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pool Confidence

With the recent HOT weather it has been a great opportunity for Rosie and Harry to work on their pool confidence.
This little turtle was in the pile of pool goodies that came with the house when we bought it 18 months ago and as you can see, it is very popular!
Taff has been working on helping the kids to feel more secure in our pool. This has been a challenge for them as it is very deep and even the shallow end is over their heads. They are used to using a swimming platform at swim school so one of the ways we have chosen to help them is to use a lifejacket.
This has taken several attempts to get right, but just last week they were finally able to float around and paddle by themselves in their lifejackets. Once they realised they weren't going to sink, they were away!
Taff has been enjoying coming home after work and having an evening swim, usually with Harry. Each time they get in the pool, they grow a little bit more in confidence and we hope to continue with this in the next few months.
As for the pool turtle, I think Santa might have to do something about this as one turtle between two children is a recipe for conflict. I will get onto him ASAP about it! :)

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